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The Multilingual Digital Platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe has recently published its official report about the outcome of the consultation with EU citizens. It can be read at . This had been an extraordinary exercise of direct democracy. The most popular proposal in the educational area (page 117) is . This was among the top five of the over 16,000 proposals made by citizens to the Conference, and is the most popular one in the field of education. It proposes to improve language learning in general by using a short course in Esperanto as a propaedeutic means to foster the learning of EU languages. The innovative element is that it has been taught for two years by five professional teachers in three EU countries who do not speak Esperanto, after just one week of special training. This method was developed and tested in a EU project funded by Erasmus+. Click here for details:

I ask for your active support at the Conference Plenary Discussions in ensuring that this innovative and successful proposal voted by EU citizens is recommended for further exploration, and possible implementation on a pilot basis, by all EU national ministries of education. You are one of the representatives of the citizens of the EU, please give EU citizens a voice by supporting this important proposal from your voters for the future of Europe.