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Statement of the Esperanto movement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

In 1979 the UN General Assembly, worried about the rise of ethnic discrimination and racism, adopted an action plan to work against all types of ethnic hatred and prejudice. Movements such as the current "Black Lives Matter," plus the racial hatred and recent violent acts in several countries, remind us that there is still much to do.

The Esperanto movement brings together everyone who battles for an equal society, free of racism and all types of discrimination and oppression. During the 134-year history of Esperanto, we have continually drawn attention to the problems of discrimination against speakers of languages considered inferior, of discrimination against peoples and ethnic groups considered inferior or otherwise a minority, and because of that we are natural participants in the struggles against racism, and we work together in that effort with the UN and UNESCO. The review "UNESCO Courier," published by UNESCO in Esperanto as well, always treats this subject with grave concern. As stated in one of its last numbers: "The actions of UNESCO against racism have been a top agenda priority since the beginning - "Courier" has always been a powerful place for debate and discussion of this dangerous and widespread prejudice which continues to infect our world."

The movement for the international, neutral language Esperanto, for which intercultural dialogue and diversity are centrally important, remains engaged in the battle against ethnic, cultural and language discrimination, and in activities aimed at attaining a more equal and sustainable world society. We will continue to plead the case for creating a world where people of diverse ethnicities, sexes, religions, politics, and languages can work together and exist together, understanding above all that what unites us is much more important than what divides us.

In this spirit the UEA, the world association of Esperanto speakers which has many members from all of humanity, is planning one of its world congresses in the coming years in Africa. The 107th Universal Congress of Esperanto will occur in Montreal in 2022 in conjunction with the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032), an event to highlight the cultures of indigenous peoples.

For the Esperanto movement, the respect and in fact the cooperation amongst diverse races, diverse peoples, diverse cultures, and all languages of the world, and the promotion of the value of the person, have been important since the appearance of Esperanto in the world 134 years ago. Our values fully align with the values of the UN and UNESCO.